How Hollywood Celebrities Use Instagram to Grow Their Brand?

How Hollywood Celebrities Use Instagram to Grow Their Brand?
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.With millions of active subscribers, Instagram is one of the most well-known platforms. It is trendy among celebrities and primarily focuses on visual information, photos, and short video snippets. The Instagram list of famous people is dominated by stars. Celebrities are elevating their fortune to new heights by leveraging their celebrity influence to invest in themselves.

What Is Celebrity Branding?

Having a well-known figure promote a product could be a very effective marketing strategy. Celebrities advertise a wide range of goods and services, as well as social issues. Celebrities can shed a bright light on a wide range of enterprises, which is why a diverse range of enterprises seeks them to sell products and services.

According to a formal description, celebrity branding is the use of well-known persons to build excitement. About a product or service. In other words, celebrity branding refers to celebrities’ involvement with a service or product. Nowadays, that usually translates to increasing social media engagement or buzz.


Grow reach with user-generated content

Your celebrity’s campaign goal would be to go viral. In simple words, you want the most interaction and reach possible for every post about your company. Encourage the person to generate their material about your brand as one of the finest methods to do this.

The key to this technique is to have a broad campaign message that you can encapsulate in a memorable hashtag and a description that encourages others to generate their video and use the same hashtag.


Why do celebrities need Instagram?

Audiences at home are familiar with celebrity endorsements. From seeing Selena Gomez sell Pantene with her gorgeous luscious locks to seeing Peyton Manning perform the Nationwide opening theme when in an NFL game, marketers are not only leveraging the power of broadcast, and yet also social media! But things become much more interesting when celebrities can reach the customers on their phones where they spend their time.

Celebrities frequently upload an Instagram photo together with a short testimonial. And a secret code that is only available to their followers. As a result, stars bring immediate brand value, leading to brand loyalty and increased sales. Celebrities also buy Instagram comments initially to support their brand.

Now, as celebrities know, they use their social media influence over Instagram to build any business, so why not work on their brand. It is the reason why more and more celebrities are launching their brands, merchandise, and even their startups.


Here are a few Hollywood celebrities who have built their brand using Instagram as a marketing channel-


The 31-year-old music producer/singer/entrepreneur is now worth approximately $600 million, making her a new member of the Almost-Club! Billionaires until this list was posted, her accomplishment in 2018 went largely unnoticed. Rihanna established Fenty Beauty, a cosmetic brand she co-owns with luxury goods giant LVMH, in 2017 to cash in with the current cosmetic frenzy. Unlike other celebrity brands that initially kept their items out of major retailers, Rihanna worked with Sephora right away upon establishing her collection, letting customers feel and then see the excellence and hues for themselves — and speak of colors.


Kim Kardashian

On her Instagram page, the television personality has a history of promoting companies. Kim is perhaps the original social media hustler. With a bit of assistance from her reality show, she has been one of the most recognizable persons to follow on social media, which is strange since most people dismiss her as a lackey. The actress began creating her businesses to sell after establishing her social media usage to marketers with morning sickness and vitamin brand agreements.


Kate Hudson

In 2013, actress Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics, a fitness and streetwear collection to inspire and assist women in living healthier lives. Leggings and shoes are among the staples of the highly successful business, centered on a subscription-based system. She smartly utilized Instagram to connect with her fan base followers to make her brand recognizable and useful in no time.


Jessica Alba

When Jessica Alba launched The Honest Company, she took a chance on natural products. As a result, the health brand now offers various products, including baby items, makeup and cosmetic, and general merchandise. Alba founded the brand when her first daughter, Honor, was born, and she found it very difficult to acquire baby goods free of harsh chemicals. Undoubtedly, Instagram made her brand so much power over the years, and it is still helping her with marketing.

A celebrity endorsement is when a superstar promotes a service or product. A professional player, for instance, may advocate a specific brand of sporting footwear. The sportsman would then feature in advertisements for the footwear. During matches or sports, they would therefore put on that brand of footwear. It is indeed a typical example of celebrity promotion. But when a celebrity uses this power over Instagram or other social media platforms for their brand, it becomes double effective and helps them grow faster.